My Grandfather – Rachel

Rachel 2


Throughout the years of my childhood Grandfather’s position in my life was that of non-obtrusive and yet complete support. Grandfather’s generosity went far beyond anything I have known and his giving was so full of humility that the sweetness of it remains with me always.

When my grandparents were in their mid seventies my grandmother became unwell. Grandfather tended to her every need with such care and in seeing this I realized more about what a special man he was. When my grandmother died I was struck by Grandfather’s grief and I decided to visit him every two weeks; this arrangement lasted for many years and it was a great pleasure.

Grandfather shared with me his memories, his humour and his wonderful enthusiasm for life.
During our conversations I often asked Grandfather about the choices he made in his life, and in particular in his career within the Police Force. In answering me Grandfather would frequently refer to his favourite quotation from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”: “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.”

I believe that my dear Grandfather was truly valiant and I was blessed to know him.

Rachel Williamson

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