• A Voyage Around My Father-In-Law – Paul

    When you strip away all those things by which we qualify a person: background, life history, likes and dislikes, job, opinions, views – all those colourings that accrue from birth […]

  • Mark Family Gathering

    This is an interview with Sir Robert Mark, the last surviving child of John and Louisa Mark, on 21st September, 2006, that was written by his daughter, Christina, and read […]

  • Marcus 2

    My Grandfather – Marcus

    My Grandfather

    In person, at least as I came to know him some time after he retired, my grandfather was a very direct and humble man. In many ways he […]

  • Rachel

    My Grandfather – Rachel


    Throughout the years of my childhood Grandfather’s position in my life was that of non-obtrusive and yet complete support. Grandfather’s generosity went far beyond anything I have known […]

  • Christina

    The Eulogy – Christina


    Eulogy For My Beloved Father
    When I was a little girl I longed for a red tricycle. One day, I went into the garden of our house in Daventry […]