“The Archive of my father’s life has not been created out of nostalgia for the past, even though he did live a remarkable life as a soldier and as a police officer, but also as a gift to the present, because so much of what he did is as relevant today as it was in the past and will continue to be in the future.”  – Christina Mark



Sir Robert Mark was not born into greatness. He did not have an elitist background or upbringing, but rather his roots were modest and humble. From these humble beginnings Sir Robert began his career in the Police as a constable. Through hard work, determination and merit, he became the first officer to climb from the very base to the very top of the ladder to the position of Chief Constable, in Leicester then Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police. While this position had previously been filled by those of a more elitist background, Sir Robert broke the trend and brought with him a very unique, vital and much needed approach to policing that began to challenge and cleanse the very core of Scotland Yard, in policing and in legal practice in the UK.

What this site aims to bring you, is a look into the career of Sir Robert, from his early police years, through his career in the Met and into retirement. From the challenges of the Balcombe Street and Spaghetti House sieges, his determination to clean up the Yard and the legal system, to his role in advertising Goodyear tyres. The multitude of articles and press clippings are balanced out with reflections from family and friends to give a rounded perspective on a remarkable man.



Perhaps Sir Robert’s humble roots were the key to his refreshing perspective on policing, to his great path from constable to commissioner. Or perhaps it is the man that was great, and any path would have reflected this through his character, his moral and ethical code. You can be the judge.