The Goodyear Project


“A Major Contribution to Road Safety!”


There were many comments about my father’s decision to make a series of commercials about Goodyear Tyres, not all of them very favourable! However his reason for making them was to raise money, firstly for the Police Convalescent Home, then located in Hove and now in Goring, and then for others charities. The only payment that he kept was the last one, which, with typical generosity, he shared amongst his family. He told me that he really enjoyed the shoots, although he was very surprised that it took a crew of at least 15 people to produce one very short commercial. He was also very amused by Griff Rhys Jones’ version of himself as seen in: “Not the Nine O’Clock News” and kept a video of it, which can be viewed on this website.


As a result of the commercials the Goodyear Company business went from strength to strength and still provides tyres for many police cars.